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The Face of National Curves Day, Inc. 

MS. NCD University 



My name is Tazah Richardson a plus-size model from Washington DC. I have been a working
freelance model for 9 years. I have done everything from print to runway to television appearances and I have loved every second of it! I am so grateful for all the accomplishments that I have been able to
achieve during my time as a model. Most freelance models don’t have the resume that I have because it is really hard to get quality work without representation from an agency. You have to keep a positive
attitude when trying to make it in this business, it is not as glamorous as it may seem.


I was born and raised in Washington DC as an only child to a single teen mother living with her
parents in a two bedroom apartment. Even though things didn’t come easy for my mother I never knew the pains of hunger, homelessness or neglect. In my eyes, we were rich because I was overwhelmingly loved and wanted for nothing. Wasn’t until I reached my teen years that I realized that we weren’t rich. I learned from my family early that just because we weren’t rich didn’t mean that we carry ourselves without dignity, pride or professionalism. I was also taught early on that my race will play a part in the struggles that I will experience in life and I have to handle them with grace and poise in order to break whatever 
stereotype I am labeled with. It took me a while to understand why as an African American female that I have to live up to this standard that is not set for everyone but as I grew into adulthood I gradually got the gist. Even though I have come to identify as African American I am predominantly Native American. I do not know much of my ancestry like the exact tribes my family derive from. I only have pictures and stories as references and I just don’t feel comfortable claiming a culture that I don’t know much about which is sad in a thought but I have come to accept the mystery of my heritage and am just proud to be living my dreams in the skin that I’m in.

I started two dance programs in the DC area for Shaw Jr. High School (Dazzling Divas) and
Cardozo High School (Essence of Diva) which I am extremely proud of. Teaching and coaching the youth is another passion of mine. Growing up I had very positive role models in my life that attributed to my current success. I want to do for my girls what others did for me. I was deserving of that mentorship and so are they, so who am I to not provide that. So many people say that they want to make a difference in the world but don’t lift a finger to change the conditions. My dance programs are my way of contributing to the world I would like to see. I influence these young ladies to be positive influences in their communities to ensure that it doesn’t just stop with me but that they are in turn encouraged to do the same thing for others that will come after them. If you put positivity into the world you will get it back. I teach them to pass on the blessing and they will forever be blessed. Those young women mean the world to me and it is the most rewarding work that I’ve done in my life thus far.

My drive to be successful in modeling is kind of driven by my will to be a role model for my
dancers. They all follow me on social media and see all the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with and they are in turn encouraged to follow their own dreams without regret. When they inbox me and say things like “I want to be like you when I grow up”, it really makes me feel good. Or when they are fearless about interviewing for a job or auditioning for something and they say that they were inspired by my fearlessness to follow all of my dreams. It has truly become what drives me to keep pushing for the next level. I always tell my dancers that if you do anything you should strive to do it at the highest level. I strive to be signed by a major agency and to be working consistently for top retail brands because that is doing it at the top level. In my opinion, if you’re not doing it or striving to do it at the top level why even do it? I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, maybe being an only child spoiled me in that way but I have the mentality “if I want it, I will get it”. That’s how I live my life. I recommend it. Speak it into existence and share your knowledge with the next in line and you will be fruitful in all that you do.